Access to Technology, Experts & IP

For access to technology & experts, we are working closely with Technology Transfer Office (TTOs) of universities as they are known with having the vast number of IP’s & research database. Prior to that, we stocktake relevant agencies & association that provide such services.

For intellectual property, we work with IP lawyers & consultants. Some of the services that we envisaged to have are IP Mining, IP Drafting, IP Filing, IP Strategies, IP Management & IP Auction.

Other services that we provide are:

  • Comprehensive Database
  • Industry Partnership
  • Commercialisation Support
  • IP Protection
  • IP Monetization


Access To Fund

We stocktake relevant ministries, agencies, funding organisation & association that involved in SME development. We identified what are the available funding in each institution that are relvant with our current pool of technopreneurs. By having this knowledge, we are able to do fund mapping for the SMEs & provide consultancy services.

Apart from that, we also conduct funding pocket talk. We invite selected funding agencies to present on their offering & initiatives to interested SMEs. Follow up to that, we can also conduct a specialised 1-to-1 pitching coaching for the registered SMEs.

Other services in this area are:

  • Seminar/Workshop/Training - Funding analysis for the company & budgeted expenditures.
  • TPM Angel Chapter - TPM is within the network of Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN). Suitable technopreneurs can be linked to MBAN for periodical funding pitching.
  • Alternative Funding Facilitation – venture capital, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, peer to peer lending etc.
  • Internal Soft Loan – TPM has introduced Technopreneur Facilitation Fund (TFF), our internal fund for companies that engaged TPM’s subsidiaries’ services; TPM Engineering & TPM Biotech.





Access To Market

We assist technopreneurs in conducting feasibility study for the market & product. Through this, companies can prepare validate the product based on real industry needs & demand.

We also conduct forward or backward linkages where we invite interested GLCs & MNCs to present their problem statement to a pool of tech-based companies. The latter will prescribe any solution that address the problem arised.

IIC also work very closely through our domestic & internation co-incubation network. We have a formal working relation with several incubators inside & outside Malaysia. By having this network, technopreneurs under our care can be handhold by them as well with minimal charges. Through this way, it can minimise their risk in expanding the market.

Other services in this area are:

  • Internationalisation – We bring qualified companies for market access with interested parties outside Malaysia.
  • Promotion – TPM took part in selected exhibitions & our technopreneurs are invited to participate under TPM’s banner at no cost.
  • CEO Talks
  • Brand Development







Access To Infra

We stocktake what are the available infrastructure inside & outside of TPM that are beneficial for technopreneurs. For TPM, we have 2 subsidiaries has the equipment & expertise in biotechnology (herbal) & engineering (metal production); TPM Biotech & TPM Engineering. Apart from that, we are also supported by TPM IT that provide the backbone of our internet services in TPM campus.

The facilities that we identified include labs, machineries, equipment & production plants. By having this extensive information, we can conduct infrastructure mapping for any interested technopreneurs. The stocktake exercise also include any testing facilitation by public or private institutions.

As a support for our technopreneurs, TPM has make its facilities ready to become the Living Lab where they can install or equipped any available facilities to suits their product, at minimal cost. This will serve as a proof of concept testbed & indirectly work as promotional avenues for them.