Who We Are

The roles of the Malaysian Handicraft are stated under Section 7, Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation Act 1979 Act 222. The Malaysian Handicraft Board is lead by the Chairman and its members, consisting the Deputy Chairman, Malaysian Handicraft Director, and representatives from the government as well as private agencies. The Malaysian Handicraft administration is headed by the Director and assisted by its two Deputy Director, which is the Deputy Director of Operations and Deputy Director of Development. This is to help the Malaysian Handicraft to achieve the vision and mission in line with its objective.



The Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation has 14 branches throughout the Malaysian states and our incubator program entrepreneurs are located within the branch.

 Kedah Branch

  Penang Branch

  Kelantan Branch       

  Langkawi Craft Complex

  Melaka Craft Complex   


  Selangor Branch   

   Negeri Sembilan Branch

  Terengganu Branch 

  Pahang Branch

  Perak Branch

  Perlis Branch

 Johor Complex Craft 

  Sabah Branch 

 Sarawak Branch