Who We Are

Indigo Creative Nation is a comprehensive program host by TELKOM Indonesia and specifically designed to support the development of creative industry and digital startups in Indonesia. 

Scope of work (3P); People: Building strong Digitalpreneur thru Incubation Program and nurturing more than 18.000 talents. Planet: Providing  17 creative camps and 4 creative centers  and its supporting facilities for pre-startup, and startup incubation and acceleration program. Participation : Startup Ecosystem development thru  Penta Helix  collaboration between Academic + Research Institution, Business, Community, Government, and Media.




This project is designed to promote the Objective: Enhancing competitiveness & support national economic growth and support development of 1000 startups by 2020, bridging “From Creativity to Commerce”




This program implements Lean Startup Methodology that covers several stages from Customer Validation, Product Validation, Business Model Validation, Market Validation and Value Validation.