Resident Mentor, Visiting/Expert Mentor, and Global Mentors will give feedbacks and advices for your growing startup. Resident mentor will be assigned to monitor progress and assist the development of startup day by day while Visiting/Expert and Global Mentor will come to share their knowledge and experience once a month.




Seed capital helps you to fund your innovation process and scalling your market. Indigo Creative Nation provide seed capital for startup in several stages that range start from Rp. 120 million up to Rp. 2 billion.



Telkom Group Market Access

& Resources & API

Indigo Creative Nation fasilitate startup go to market and help them to connect with TelkomGroup.s customer base that covers 180 million mobile customers, 5 millions Indihome broadband fiber subscribers, and more than 200 thousands corporate customers including small medium enterprise. You can also use our resources such as hosting, account manager, Telkom API in order to develop & monetize your product.